Experiment Overview

The Experiment Overview tab lets you provide basic metadata for your LTE.

Mandatory fields

You should complete the following fields:

Experiment Name
A globaly-recognizable name for this LTE, which will – after publication – appear in the experiment list and map views.
Start Year
The year the experiment started.
End Year
If the experiment has ended, the year it ended. Either this field or the Ongoing field is required.
If the experiment is still running, check this box.
Use this text box to describe the primary scientific objectives of the LTE.
Data Access Statement
The Data Access Statement provides information about how data from your LTE can be accessed. You can provide further details using the Data Access Notes text box.
Data Licence
The Data Licence indicates the data license under which you normally provide data. If you do not have an agreed license for datasets, select the ‘don’t know’ option.
Data Policy
A data policy provides glten.org users with information about the conditions for accessing your LTE datasets. If you do not have a data policy select the ‘No’ option. If your data policy is online you should provide the web address in the ‘Data Policy URL’ text box.

Optional fields

These fields are not compulsory, but completing them will provide people with more information about your LTE.

Local Identifier
An identifier which is commonly used to identify the LTE (if applicable)
Use this text box to provide additional descriptive information about the LTE.
Sample archive
Check this box to indicate samples, for example, crops, fertilizers or soil are routinely collected and archived.
Samples available
Check this box to indicate samples can be made available for research.
Data URL
If data are available online, provide the URL for accessing the data.